Saturday, August 19, 2006

Red Neck Photoshopping

A friend recently suggested I get my own blog, probably to save bandwidth at his.

Well, since I have my own blog, I decided to visit it for a change, instead of littering others' sites with my venting.

Last post was some time ago, so I decided to further muddle world affairs with a current contribution of intellectual fraud...but what? A sidebar ad at Belmont Club caught my attention. I decided to try a little image theft and crafty revision...but I'm too poor to own photoshop, so had to resort to innovation.

Here's my contribution to the GOP. Hope this helps, guys, since I'm too tight to send in cash to your fund raisers. Thanks for the nice photos from the ranch, though.

4 Reasons to Vote Republican
(In Spite of Your Disappointments)

Damn. The typed-in legend was supposed to reside in the little rectangle...wasting too much time here.

I need to go outside and get some work done. Hasta la vista!

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