Sunday, April 16, 2006

Is there a term limit for a recess appointment?

Does John Bolton serve a limited term in his recess appointment as the US ambassador to the UN?

If so, I have a suggestion for President Bush for a new assignment for Bolton when he's given a reprieve from the UN swamp. Appoint him as a Senior Under Secretary of State with the explicit direction and full authority to clean house. Bolton is doing an admirable job at the UN. I just think there are more important places for his talents. Bush, Rumsfeld, and Rice are going to have their hands full soon with the pending Iranian crisis. The sooner the backstabbing holdovers are weeded out of the State Department the better. It's a job that should have been done in early 2001. Bush brought an openness and conciliatory attitude to his administration that's only been met with defiance and betrayal by the Democrats and Realists who were left in the bureaucracy.

Update: June 20, 2006.
Tuned into the Hugh Hewitt Show, I just heard guest host Jed Babbin suggest President Bush appoint John Bolton to a recently vacated Duputy Secretary of State positon. Motivation for Babbin's suggestion had more to do with raising key foreign policy issues during the summer build up to the November elections by putting Bolton in front of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee during his confirmation...and watching the Democrats self-destruct, than my proposal. My suggestion was more humanitarian in rational and honest person should have to endure the mindnumbing, politically correct, duplicitous, self-serving bureaucracy of the UN on an indefinite basis. And, I suspected back in April that Bolton's talents would be well utilized backing up Condi Rice. Babbin closed his comments with the tantalizing thought that should Rice retire as Secretary of State, Bolten would be well positioned to succeed her for the remainder of GW's second term. Now, that would be fun to watch!

Humility prevents me claiming once again that great minds think alike...but...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Where I spend my time...

Why the sink's full of dishes and the taxes aren't done:
If you want to see “distributed intelligence” at work, Just One Minute is the place.Compare any discussion here with what you see on the media and you’ll realize how much smarter a random group of your fellow citizens is than a media selected group of “experts.” Clarice Feldman 4 9 06

...helps explain why my TV's broken and I cancelled Dish Network...missin' South Park, though. Other favorites are Gates of Vienna, Tim Blair, PoliPundit, and Wuzzadem, and a hundred others.