Saturday, August 19, 2006

Car Henge

My kids and I were returning home by way of a very random traverse in late summer of 1994, when we found this roadside attraction just outside Alliance, Nebraska, up in the sand hills on the way to Rapid City and Mt Rushmore.

My favorite. "...When it comes, the landscape listens, Shadows hold their breath..."

From a poem called "A Certain Slant of Light", or something like that.

The photographer captured the grim desolation of the druidic ruins at a winter's dusk. Or dawn?

You have to have grown up in the great plains to appreciate this shot. Brrrr.

And just think, this magnificent art was created by some Nebraska farmboys with too much beer and nothing else to do. Go Nebraska! Go Big Red!


As we were leaving, I found a roll of baler twine. It’s waxed, triple stranded, stout hard-cotton string, and the best damned household twine you can lay your hands on. Buy it if you can find it at a farm supply outfit in your neighborhood. I’ve still got half that roll. Gotta save the good stuff, ya know.

(Photos via Google Images.)

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