Friday, January 04, 2008

Why Fred

Image graciously supplied by M.Simon.


OregonGuy said...

Okay, LT, you gotta give.

None of this "natty-natty-boo-boo".

What's the spill on Rudy? That he stretched the limits on search and seizure? Lefties may not like it, but he was effective.

And on the other hand, what is the take on E. Spitzer? Is he a hero? In other words, there's no chance there's an agenda there, is there?

Much like the secret war on terrorism, the only dirtiness that I can see claimed on Rudy is some kind of handshake deal between him and some of the mutts he was working to put away. I'd like that to be raised. Let Rudy explain his successes and experiences before he became the Greatest World's City's Greatest Mayor.

Not a bad place to campaign from. If "it" was that damaging, "it" would have been used before.

Thanks for the post. Hot women always get me into trouble. Got. Hmm. Still have the potential.

linearthinker said...


Clarified with link to Clarice back at your place.

I had a premonition you'd call me on that.


On other matters:

Where there's a will,
There's a way.

Go Fred!