Tuesday, March 14, 2006

From an email to my daughters, March 14, 2006

Hi Girls,

It's snowed about 3" so far today.

I stayed up all night. Went to bed at 7. Got an uninterrupted 7 hrs sleep. Go figure.

From the late night snack menu last night, I chose a Cajun Spicy Hot Link, grilled to perfection in an authentic black iron skillet using aged bacon fat, served on toasted Pugliese Bread, smothered in melted Tillamook Pepper-Jack with Grey Poupon Mustard, and garnished with sliced Pepperoncini and Kosher dill pickles. Mmm mmm, good!

...I was in college. It was finals week of my last term. I was due to graduate, finally. There was a lot of turmoil, just chaotic activity, happening all around. I was caught up in it. Some of my final exams were "take homes". I had lots of time, so I set them aside. The due date came. I had been working on the take home exams, off and on. But some of the problems were scattered. At the hour that the exam was due to be turned in, I couldn't find some of the work I'd done. One of the problems involved a cylindrical tank of given dimensions. It was an easy problem. I couldn't find it. My exam package looked like the work of a 5th grader.

I was too embarrassed to hand it in. I couldn't say "the dog ate it." I didn't have a dog.

This is a recurring dream, varying only slightly from episode to episode.

Love, Dad

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